Friday, October 10, 2008

STIM-A-LA-TIN....the Tardevil Plan

Sadly, this is kind of what I fear my neighborhood is going to look like this year. We bought in a new subdivision when we moved here, just over a year ago, and houses we at looked in May of 2007, have still not sold. Our builder is about to go under and many others in our area are as well.


Do you like to shop? (Surely, all females have that gene!) Are you tired of all the pre-election ads? While I admire both candidates for being willing to run for office, I'm not IN LOVE with either of them. So, I got this bright idea (do you feel the glow?) on how I could do my part to help this country. You see, GG came home the other day, a little huffy, saying in his most stern hubby voice, "IN THIS DOWN ECONOMY, YOU'VE BEEN STIM-A-LA-TIN IT A LITTLE TOO MUCH"....or something to that affect. Can't you just hear him? That's hubby speak for "you've been shopping too much lately"....kind of like the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH they hear when we speak (sometimes). You see, I'd had a cold for 2 weeks, was feeling better and thought I'd do a little thriftin, so I took a trip over to Goodwill (Hello, I said Goodwill!!!), and had a BIG time! You've heard about the drought in the South, well that's pretty much what I've had with shopping at thrifts all summer. I'll admit, I've had a few good shopportunities lately, but this particular day was probably my biggest haul E-VER from a thrift store. So, I'm going to show you a few of my finds, and then cordially invite you to join me in my plan for getting this economy on track before the holidays...even before the election!

I thought these birds looked fallish. The books are from an earlier thrifting trip...and I didn't buy them to read....just for the colors.

I collect green vintage glass, so I thought this turkey-lurkey toothpick holder would fit in nicely for Turkey Day!

And, I guess, maybe amber glass too???

And the baby bird (dove?)....I already had the mama & papa, so it kind of completed the the 3 of us.

This porcelain treat bowl...

And finally, this sorta majolica-ish looking grease jar (didn't know they made such a thing). It says "grease" on it.

There was more....but I don't want to bore you!

So, I'm inviting my blogging sistas (and brothers too, if there are any), to spend the week of 10/13/08 through 10/17/08, stimulating this economy and helping to get it back on track. We can't afford for the stock market to drop any further! The rule is that you must buy at least one thing (even at a yard sale), and post it to prove (winks) you have helped this nation get back on track. So, shop til you drop and leave me your URL, and I will try to link to you as we share our finds. I was never very good with economics, so I hope this works! Thank you in advance for participatin' in my STIM-A-LA-TIN PARTY!

If we unite, I'm confident we can turn this economy around! God bless America!

I'm Tardevil, and I approved this message.


santamaker said...

Good morning!
I have to tell you that I was still in a somber mood this morning but when I clicked on you song, Stealing Cinderella, I cracked up laughing. Did you know that it sounds like the chipmuncks? Thanks for the laughs!
OKay.... you don't have to ask me twice to go shopping! It's one of the best things that I do! I'll let you know what I snag!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by & introducing yourself! So nice to meet you & I hope you'll come back often. And oh, I do my part in the stimulation thing...with all the yardsaling I do. ha-ha!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to your Stim-a-la-tin Party!! How can I refuse, especially since I got a special, PERSONAL invitation!!:)

DH & I had a conversation about my spending just yesterday! Let's not ever let he & GG meet!!

I enjoyed your post so much ~ thanks for the giggles! Now I feel a weekend of purposeful shopping is at hand!

Please visit me again soon.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie!! I have been enjoying your playlist for awhile now and love it! Thank you so much for the heads up about the tags...I think I saw them the other day and coveted them!! I love that you know my tastes....thank you so much! You are my kind of girl finding such great things at the's the WAY to go isn't it?? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn

Bo said...

Hi...okey-dokey...I'm all for shopping...especially thrift or garage sales...I was up and out to my first sale at 6:40 this morning so I'll post my bargains in a little while! ;-) Bo

jeanne said...

Hi Tardevil, love your name and your sign off. A great sense of humor going on here. I'll join your stim -a-la-tin party. I love shopping. I loved the items you shared today.
the birds and the baby dove are so cute. The grease jar was for left over bacon grease etc. It was used for flavoring things. So unhealthy.


Diane said...

Hi Tardevil!

Thank you for your kind comments. It's funny, I've been mistaken for another lady while shopping several times & by different people. I've wondered if we're related but guess I'll never know. I'm not close to any of my adoptive parents extended family.

You've got a great eye for finding treasures! I'll keep checking to see your latest finds. ;0}


Bo said...

Hi Girl...just coming by to say I have posted my garage sale goodies...come by to see them! Oh, I loved your bargains! ;-) Bo

tardevil said...

Thanks for the shout out Bo, you're a sweetie!

Utah Grammie said...

Hi- came here from Penny's (Lavender Hill Studio) and thought I'd say "Hi" hi.

Love all your great fall decorations.
Have a great Sunday!

santamaker said...

Oh No! Now I feel like a real shopaholic....I HAVE THOSE ALREADY !
isn't that too funny?!
YOur Padonkadong sistah,

tardevil said...

Thanks for the info. Jeanne. Thanks to everyone that has stopped by!