Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Blog Party

Today, I join with Laurie at Bargain Hunting & Chatting with Laurie for her Valentine's Day party.  Thanks, Laurie, for hosting this fun party!  I didn't decorate alot this year because it hasn't been that long since I finished putting the Christmas decorations away.  SIGH...They didn't jump back in the boxes as easily as they came out, for some reason.  (And it's not because I did alot of after Christmas shopping!  REALLY!)

So, welcome to our home.  This is the back of the front door.
The foyer table...
up close...just realized I forgot my red rose wreath on this mirror that so many of you commented on last year.  Don't you hate when you do that and have to wait another year to use the decoration?
the living room...
can't wait to get this room painted...

a kissing ball...(the wall really isn't this green!)

(Melissa Miller, that picture was for you!  LOL!)

the great room mantel...
still wish we had a mantel without the tv hole.  They invented a cordless phone, why not a cordless tv/dvd player?
told you I have a dish problem...SIGH.

wish I had taken a better picture of this...the angel is sitting on a red leather heart shaped box.  SORRY.

the keeping room (does anyone know why it's called that?  We're not really keeping things in there that we're not keeping in the other rooms! lol!)...
(yes, I stay up late.  I like Letterman, but can't wait until Jay's back on at 11:35!  I was never a Conan fan, were you?)

So, of the few (don't laugh!) things I did buy in after Christmas clearance sales, I happened upon some heart ornaments, so I decided to have a "Love Tree" for Valentine's Day.  Let's take a look...

The same angel as used at Christmas.  The gold angels are from Bed, Bath & Beyond after Christmas clearance 2 or 3 years ago.

the goldish-red hearts (above and below) were purchased at Dillard's after Christmas 2009.  The L-O-V-E sign came from a local thrift store, but orignally came from Target because I bought one years ago, and it's pictured on the great room mantel photo.  Some of these angels were also on either of our Christmas trees.

the little red birds were from Dollar Tree after Christmas clearance 2009. 
The same for the red hearts pictured below, except they came from Tuesday Morning
The white angel and the cloth "Happy Valentine's Day" heart were thrift store finds.

Some vintage reproduction cards on the pantry door.

And finally, I thought I'd show you a Valentine card I received from my parents growing up! 

Isn't she sweet?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day weekend!  Sounds like we're going to get a little more snow.   I'll be soooo glad to bid winter farewell!